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ALS seriesOptical Line Share Module



It is purpose of Optical Line Share Module (ALS) for quick install of the mobile communication network and the optical line rental cost savings by utilizing the existing facilities in the optical line without optical line rental, when installed 2G/3G/WiBro for optical repeaters and LTE base stations. Optical Line Share Module (ALS) provides optical signal of 2G/3G/WiBro/LTE/W-SCAN Multiplexing on a single fiber and ALS separates 2G/3G/WiBro/LTE/W-SCAN signals coming from a single optical fiber. Then, Good quality of service is provided by one of the fiber optical cable for the mobile communication network.


- Special Band Pass Filter
- Loss Insertion Loss
- Epoxy Free in Optical Path
- Telcordia GR-1221 and GR-1209 Compliance

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