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About us

Atomowave expansion of business and global areas has occurred primarily in the experience of technical field and professional manpower from expertise. Atomowave’s flagship, measuring the quality in the top 1 percent in optical communication market, provides outstanding services to the development and convenience of global communication.

With inimitable know-how, Atomowave will continue to dedicate our passion and technique to the development of optical communication focusing on where it’s needed. Atomowave has been customized:

Expansion of global market
Expansion of supply chain from various countries.
Customized product by diversity of environment
Non-stop Innovation and Challenge

Atomowave has dedicated ourselves to developing the inimitable quality in the top 1 percent and it will lead Atomowave, endless brand-new, into the new history


Atomowave offers solutions for the development and innovation. Also provide management and maintenance of smooth communication.

Atomowave listens to your opinion and brings the innovative solution for the future we dream together. Atomowave’s philosophy stands on the basis of hope and possibility; those will bring us the resilient communities. Atomowave rewards you with constantly enhancing your task efficiency with pleasure and high quality.

To create better tomorrow, better future, Atomowave will keep our vision alive by revisiting it regularly and communicating our vision with you, to inspire and motivate ourselves.



The Atomo is an essential matter in which this world consists of. The soil, water, tree, rock, gold and even humans are formed from atoms. We here at Atomo Wave promise to provide you with an indispensable and essential solution for your satisfaction.

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